Friends of Conexión Jaguar

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Lee-Anne Yammin & Scott Yammin

Our horn is NOT medicine, Sudáfrica
Lee-Anne and Scott are two South African guides that have dedicated their life to protect rhinos in Africa.
South Africa’s world renowned Kruger National Park is home to the majority of the planet’s rhino population. Our Horn is not Medicine (OHNM) is a project of the Southern African Wildlife College, located within the Greater Kruger area.
OHNM’s main aim is the create awareness about the rhino poaching crisis and to raise funds in support of the College’s work. In doing so, it helps raise funds for Aerial surveillance and K-9 support, which serves high incursion areas of the southern and central Kruger.

Sarah Marshall

Travel editor of “the Press Association”, covering travel and conservation topics, among others. She currently writes on The Telegraph, United Kingdom.

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Mario Haberfeld

Oncafari’s Founder
Mario was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and since childhood has always had two passions: race cars, and wildlife. After a career of almost 20 years in motor sport with stints in F1 and IndyCar, Mario has now fully devoted his career to wildlife conservation. Mario has travelled widely in order to support and learn from various conservation projects worldwide; this has included time with Gorillas, Tigers, Polar Bears, Pandas, Leopards and Lions to name but a few. Mario is now focused on helping to preserve and add value to the wildlife of his country of birth, Brazil.

Lili Rampim

Lilian has extensive experience in the reintroduction of felines back to nature. Since 2011 she has also been a member of a project that monitors wild cats in Brazil’s Atlantic Coastal Forest. Lilian has been working for the Jaguar Habituation/Oncafari Project since November 2012. She is responsible for the compilation and organization of all the data collected in the field and is particularly interested in the behavioural aspects of Jaguars in the Pantanal.

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